message from the creator ..

message from the creator ..

December 17, 2014

2020: Our Common Destiny & The Anti-Communitarian Manifesto .. Raapana/Friedrich .. ACL Books, Alaska USA

.... so in reality: "Communitarianism grants special privileges to the small group of local elites who call themselves "the community." Residents of the local community are not part of "the community" that controls local community sustainable economic development. Members of "the community" promote programs and legislation that put their private businesses into "partnerships" with local governments. Massive federal grant and loan funds are funneled into local businesses speaking "the Community" lingo, and you practically can't even do business in the USA anymore unless you express a commitment to sustainability, renewable energy and a green economy. Just like it was for the Germans under Hitler and the Russians under Stalin, you either join the party or become a dog licking your master's boots and eating the scraps from his table. Some types of people stand to do very well in the communitarian economy." ~ Niki Raapana, ACL Books .. Alaska USA .. co-founder with Nordica Friedrich of "The Anti Communitarian League"
Order your e-copy today from ACL Books, a small Alaskan printing press... .. "2020: Our Common Destiny & The Anti-Communitarian Manifesto" .. from Raapana/Friedrich. We're discussing opening up the ACL to actual membership. There will be a newsletter and perks. If it goes well, we can go back and update all the old research topic pages, add links to all my offsite articles, radio interviews, videos, and keep up with current news about communitarianism, as well as post all the reviews about our work going back ten years. The new site will have a section for contributing authors, and to me that's the most exciting prospect since we have so many people who can and will write for it! This is our original Mission Statement since 2003, on our "about" page: The Anti Communitarian League is a grassroots research organization which had its beginnings ten years ago, in Seattle, Washington. There were nine original members. including founders Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich, who created this website in 2003 to share their research on communitarianism. Today the Anti Communitarian League is not technically open for membership, nor do we organize/operate as activists or advocates. Instead we are developing ACL Books as a private, non-grant funded research institute and a small book company based out of Anchorage, Alaska. Mission Statement ... to gather verifiable evidence that will expose the worldwide communitarian agenda to an unaware public. ... to challenge the supremacy of any one party, religion, socio-economic class, or race, over another. ... to not affiliate with any established political platform; and to rebuke labels such as right-wing, left-wing, John Bircher, liberal internationalist, conservative, neo-conservative, paleoconservative, Libertarian, Republican, Democrat, new democrat, progressive democrat, green, anarchist, anarcho-syndicalist, independent, communist, socialist, communitarian, bipartisan, or any of the above. ... to be intolerant of cruelty and trickery in any form. ... to stand for economic and political freedom for all commoners, everywhere. ... to "resist with care any innovation upon its [the U.S. Constitution/Bill of Rights] principles, regardless how specious the pretexts." [based on our first President George Washington's 1796 warning of "the insidious wiles of Foreign influence."] For a further clarification on this 'communitarian agenda' ... via Niki ... "Dialectical conflicts between people are the ones that divide us. Opposition to the emerging Communitarianan immoral injustice system is based simply on opposition to dialectical arguments. The argument we have is against dialectical arguments. Our conflict is with Amitai Etzioni and his minions who promote his ideas for fake change. Many Communitarians are loved, adored, revered, and even worshiped. The mask over the evil is so perfect, the stars of the new ideas are just so darn likable, that many people we know have decided "some" Communitarians have "good" intentions. To understand Communitarianism, we have to study its roots. "The Historical Evolution of Communitarian Thinking", the TRUE and verifiable history of the con, is just as important as "What is the Hegelian Dialectic?", the FORMULA for tricking people into picking "sides." We have a common enemy, but we're not ever supposed to see them in a crowd. Our books, as podunk and nobody as we are, are the only ones in the world that expose the whole Communitarian con. Our hardcopy books are a nightmare to get (we're still struggling to meet orders!) but the Ebooks are available now. I've also published hundreds of free articles online since 2003. Get up to speed on the actual way we're being tricked into adopting global governance. Break the cycle of dialectical arguments and see how quickly you recognize the tactics used to enslave you. The way out of the nightmare unfolding exists only outside the dialectic. The life adventure begins when we start moving in uncharted directions that come from our deepest human connections with our own Creators. The dialectic blocks our intuition and ability to think outside the box. Let's all get out of the dialectic."

December 16, 2014

Open Message to Dr Brad Walters, Mount Allison University....

You have had a good time ... you've had your say .. you've even said people need to get it through their skulls... as though you are the final authority around these parts .. you are not .. you maybe a contributor and proponent of 'Sustainable Sackville' but you are just one voice ...
but here is a voice from the common people camp... ... the conversations are complicated... but they need to take place ... .. along with the nature resources and use of energy in Canada ... .. we like fossil fuels... we understand they are a natural resource .. we do not share your opinions ... ... hope that OUR message is clear ... because OUR voices are not being heard enough ... your collectivism is drowning them out ...
... so the staff at mount allison university, namely the MAFA have spoken .. we have listened .. ... but ... again, we do not agree ... the 'funded NGO' has spoken on this as well ... as well as "Divest MTA" students ... again, we do not share your opinion ... Clearly, we have a failure to communicate ... as this point ... living in fear of carbon .. and climate change is your occupation .. you are not a teacher .. you are an indoctrinator.. with pension and comfortable position ... still ... I do not agree with your opinions ... OVER AND out. Merry Christmas!

December 13, 2014


"I want the opt-out .. you do not have my permission to include me in your plans [on 'sustainable seattle' communitarianism, 1990s] ... " - Niki Raapana.. blogger/researcher/journalist ...