ASTROTURFING (n) - the attempt to create an impression of widespread grassroots support for a policy, individual, or product, where little such support exists; multiple online identities and fake pressure groups are used to mislead the public into believing that the position of the astroturfer is the commonly held view.

July 2, 2015

Pink Floyd - Song for Palestine

Jason Verbelli's "Free Energy Flyer for the Public" - (See Info in the Description)

Jason Verbelli, USA writes: "SEG Searl Effect Generator magnetics.... show me the circuit for a given drop of water in a hydro-electric plant, and I'll show you the circuit for a given electron in the SEG. Water drops evaporate to become part of all other water drops which then condense to form new ones. Those recycled drops fill the reservoir and the system perpetuates as long as there is water vapour in the atmosphere there is background radiation everywhere in space just as there is water vapour everywhere in the atmosphere. It can be attracted, condensed, spun and accelerated outward to create a coherent field. Living systems are not subject to the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Heat is wasted energy. The SEG recycles the energy that would normally rise and be lost. Heat is radiation. The SEG is an ambient energy converter; meaning, radiation IS its fuel source, just as water is the fuel source for a hydro-electric plant. The water is converted from drops to vapour from the path the water takes in the system, which naturally condense back into drops again. The same goes for electrons. BE LIKE WATER MY FRIENDS.. " [thanks Jason]

July 1, 2015

"2020: Our Common Destiny & The Anti-Communitarian Manifesto" - Raapana/Friedrich, Alaska USA

"I want the opt-out .. you do not have my permission to include me in your plans" - Niki Raapana on 'Sustainable Seattle' USA communitarianism, 1990s [ http://sustainableseattle.org/ ] ... " ... Allow me to introduce to you researcher / author / mom / grandma / blogger / journalist and all around great lady ... Niki Raapana .. as a builder/creator of "Team Gertee" [yurts] { see Facebook page }
And YES! it was my honour, privilege, and a genuine pleasure to speak with this lady, Niki Raapana, by telephone a few years ago and to become acquainted and share our thoughts and experiences with 'sustainable' obediant governance in our respective locations in North America. Along with her brilliant daughter, Nordica Friedrich [ www.nord.twu.net ] Niki Raapana has worked tirelessly without financial reward to help to freely educate many people on the internet about communitarianism.... its much larger than Agenda 21 as it is the ideology and THE LAW and their book is essential reading http://nikiraapana.blogspot.com USA
.... my conclusion is: you do not 'fight it', you seek to expose it, oppose it, and opt-out from it ... by non-compliance, peacefully .. by doing so you also give permission and set an example of not going along to other people who know 'something is not right' to do the same .. in their own way ... why exactly should a small vocal and oppressive minority dictate life for everyone else? So .. I say no thank you to 'Sustainable Sackville' .. cancel that plan and the programs and associated funding ... and remove the noose from the necks of people in this town ... because you do not have the right to micromanage us.
"We're discussing opening up the ACL to actual membership. There will be a newsletter and perks. If it goes well, we can go back and update all the old research topic pages, add links to all my offsite articles, radio interviews, videos, and keep up with current news about communitarianism, as well as post all the reviews about our work going back ten years. The new site will have a section for contributing authors, and to me that's the most exciting prospect since we have so many people who can and will write for it!
This is our original Mission Statement since 2003, on our "about" page: The Anti Communitarian League is a grassroots research organization which had its beginnings ten years ago, in Seattle, Washington. There were nine original members. including founders Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich, who created this website in 2003 to share their research on communitarianism. Today the Anti Communitarian League is not technically open for membership, nor do we organize/operate as activists or advocates. Instead we are developing ACL Books as a private, non-grant funded research institute and a small book company based out of Anchorage, Alaska. Mission Statement ... to gather verifiable evidence that will expose the worldwide communitarian agenda to an unaware public. ... to challenge the supremacy of any one party, religion, socio-economic class, or race, over another. ... to not affiliate with any established political platform; and to rebuke labels such as right-wing, left-wing, John Bircher, liberal internationalist, conservative, neo-conservative, paleoconservative, Libertarian, Republican, Democrat, new democrat, progressive democrat, green, anarchist, anarcho-syndicalist, independent, communist, socialist, communitarian, bipartisan, or any of the above. ... to be intolerant of cruelty and trickery in any form. ... to stand for economic and political freedom for all commoners, everywhere. ... to "resist with care any innovation upon its [the U.S. Constitution/Bill of Rights] principles, regardless how specious the pretexts." [based on our first President George Washington's 1796 warning of "the insidious wiles of Foreign influence."] For a further clarification on this 'communitarian agenda':- "Dialectical conflicts between people are the ones that divide us. Opposition to the emerging Communitarianan immoral injustice system is based simply on opposition to dialectical arguments. The argument we have is against dialectical arguments. Our conflict is with Amitai Etzioni and his minions who promote his ideas for fake change. Many Communitarians are loved, adored, revered, and even worshiped. The mask over the evil is so perfect, the stars of the new ideas are just so darn likable, that many people we know have decided "some" Communitarians have "good" intentions. To understand Communitarianism, we have to study its roots. "The Historical Evolution of Communitarian Thinking", the TRUE and verifiable history of the con, is just as important as "What is the Hegelian Dialectic?", the FORMULA for tricking people into picking "sides." We have a common enemy, but we're not ever supposed to see them in a crowd. Our books, as podunk and nobody as we are, are the only ones in the world that expose the whole Communitarian con. Our hardcopy books are a nightmare to get (we're still struggling to meet orders!) but the Ebooks are available now. I've also published hundreds of free articles online since 2003. Get up to speed on the actual way we're being tricked into adopting global governance. Break the cycle of dialectical arguments and see how quickly you recognize the tactics used to enslave you. The way out of the nightmare unfolding exists only outside the dialectic. The life adventure begins when we start moving in uncharted directions that come from our deepest human connections with our own Creators. The dialectic blocks our intuition and ability to think outside the box. Let's all get out of the dialectic." ... Our "manifesto" is not some crazy conspiracy theory. It's a well researched account of the communitarian's plan to "rebuild community." We provide over 200 primary source references in 2020, and a hundred+ more in TACM. The ACL research website has over 25,000 primary source links. There's nothing like it on earth. Imagine that. It only exists because of our frank determination to show the communitarians do have opposition who include *all* the evidence about them. 2020/TACM is the raw, uncensored, "Yankee ape" version of local agenda 21. (Karl Marx called American businessmen Yankee apes; apparently our entire system of economy was a glitch in the Marxist's violent plan to rebuild the world under a benevolent dictatorship of the "community.") - Niki Raapana ... http://nikiraapana.blogspot.com "Living Outside the Dialectic" ... Alaska USA

June 30, 2015

Elaine Dewar's "Cloak of Green"[1995], "Bones", "The Second Tree" and "SMARTS"

... from Elaine Dewar on Facebook regarding "Cloak of Green" by Elaine Dewar ... "Most concerned citizens trust environmental groups to fight on behalf of the public for sensible solutions to the world's most pressing problems. But Elaine Dewar discovered that this trust is often misplaced. In this book the award-winning journalist explores links between key environmental groups, government and big business. Written like a mystery, Cloak of Green follows the author from a Toronto fundraiser for the Kayapo Indians of Brazil to the Amazon rain forest and the global backrooms of Brasilia, Washington and Geneva. Along the way she meets some fascinating people--Anita Roddick of the Body Shop, businessman-politician Maurice Strong, and activists who run key Canadian and American environmental groups. She discovers some disturbing revelations about these groups and their relations to "green" corporations and government. 'Cloak of Green' is a penetrating investigative study that challenges many established pieties of the environmental movement." [Lorimer Books] Check out the current happenings with Elaine at http://elainedewar.blogspot.ca/ ... If you have never heard of this book you're not alone.. this book should be essential reading for all young Canadian university students ... I found a copy available to borrow at the local Mount Allison University [www.mta.ca ] ...
"Cloak of Green" had not been checked out of the MTA library since October 1997 ... INCREDIBLE! It is powerful, important work and it is worth looking for .. [thanks Ron Stephens of Kincardine Ontario Canada canadiantruths.wordpress.com for recommending this one] .. decided to purchase all of Elaine Dewar's books: Cloak of Green, Bones, The Second Tree, and SMARTS [new].. she's amazing..
I support my local indie booksellers "Tidewater Books", Bridge Street, Sackville New Brunswick Canada [the only indie bookseller between Halifax Nova Scotia and Fredericton New Brunswick] and have ordered directly through her shop [just as I ordered through her shop the important books of Joan Veon -- "Prince Charles: The Sustainable Prince" and "United Nations Global Strait Jacket" -- difficult to find] ... http://www.amazon.com/United-Nations-Global-Strait-Jacket/dp/1575580381 ... and .. http://www.amazon.ca/Prince-Charles-Joan-M-Veon/dp/1575580217 ... and many other titles not on the shelves .. special orders...
I love books ... BIG thanks Elaine Dewar .. you are a rockstar and a Canadian treasure! You deserve the Order of Canada!
... Also from Elaine Dewar on Facebook regarding "Bones" by Elaine Dewar... About this Book.... Scientists not so long ago unanimously believed that people first walked to the New World from northeast Asia across the Bering land bridge at the end of the Ice Age 11,000 years ago. But in the last ten years, new tools applied to old bones have yielded evidence that tells an entirely different story. In Bones, Elaine Dewar records the ferocious struggle in the scientific world to reshape our views of prehistory. She traveled from the Mackenzie River valley in northern Canada to the arid plains of the Brazilian state of Piaui, from the skull-and-bones-lines offices of the Smithsonian Institution to the basement lab of an archaeologist in Washington State who wondered if the FBI was going to come for him. She met scientists at war with each other and sought to see for herself the oldest human remains on these continents. Along the way, she found that the old answer to the question of who were the First Americans was steeped in the bitter tea of racism. Bones explores the ambiguous terrain left behind when a scientific paradigm is swept away. It tells the stories of the archaeologists, Native American activists, DNA experts and physical anthropologists scrambling for control of ancient bones of Kennewick Man, Spirit Cave, and the oldest one of all, a woman named Luzia. At stake are professional reputations, lucrative grants, fame, vindication, even the reburial of wandering spirits. The weapons? Lawsuits, threats, violence. The battlefield stretches from Chile to Alaska. Dewar tells the stories that never find their way into scientific papers — stories of mysterious deaths, of the bones of evil shamen and the shadows falling on the lives of scientists who pulled them from the ground. And she asks the new questions arising out of the science of bones and the stories of first peoples: "What if Native Americans are right in their belief that they have always been in the Americas and did not migrate to the New World at the end of the Ice Age? What if the New World's human story is as long and complicated as that of the Old? What if the New World and the Old World have always been one?" ---------------------------------------------- .... [from Facebook] ...... on "The Second Tree" by Elaine Dewar ... About this Book ---------------------------------------------- The Second Tree documents a biological revolution that will change the way you think about the material world, your own life and even the inevitability of your own death Genetic scientists are busily pushing back the boundaries of the humanly possible, climbing the branches of a tree of life that has been grafted by man, not God. Elaine Dewar chronicles the lives, the discoveries, and the feuds among modern biologists, exploring how they have crafted the tools to alter human evolution. She travels the globe on the trail of Charles Darwin and his intellectual descendants, telling the story of James D. Watson and his partner Francis Crick, who first described DNA; of Frederick Sanger, who invented how to sequence genes and won two Nobel prizes; of the computer scientists who put the human genome on the World Wide Web. She visits companies that are trying to turn cloned sheep into pharmacies on the hoof, to resurrect prize cows from the grave, to transplant human genes into mice — ultimately attempting to give us immortality in pieces while trying to keep investors happy. As these tales spill out, we find out how biologists learn by doing: tearing mice and worms and flies and human eggs apart, twinning disparate animal cells and genes together — creating clones and chimeras as outlandish as any sphinx. In public, research biologists often express their good intentions about curing the big diseases. In private, many of them are compelled by furious struggles to be rich, famous and first. Dewar lays bare the motives, conflicts and fears of the men and women whose job it is to trespass the boundaries of what laypeople consider ethical and sacred.
.... SMARTS 2015 .. LATEST BOOK FROM ELAINE DEWAR ... from the book jacket .. book reviewer Wayne Grady is inaccurate as this is actually Elaine's fourth terrific book ... but hey, why split hairs? Eh? thanks Elaine... you rock (0;

June 29, 2015


[film cover of ohcanadamovie.com DVD, Dan Matthews, Ontario indie filmmaker, Canada] "Canadians for a New Partnership" .. hmm... whatever could Mr. Paul Martin be up to now .... for the greater good..? "OTTAWA - A high-profile team of former prime ministers and native leaders has convened and given itself the mandate of fixing relations between First Nations and the feds. Assuring reporters this has nothing to do with politics, former prime ministers Joe Clark and Paul Martin, as well as native leaders including Ovide Mercredi and Mary Simon, signed a formal declaration Thursday and said they will extend the offer to other legislatures, community leaders and anyone else who's interested. "This group is not only a positive step forward, if it had happened years ago we'd be farther ahead today," Martin said, explaining the group's first order of business would be to influence public opinion. "The more Canadians understand the issues, the more they'll demand solutions." The formation of the group, Canadians for a New Parternship, comes on the heels of increasingly loud calls for a national inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has not been alone in rejecting calls for an inquiry, but the difficulty and tension that has characterized relations between his government and First Nations will provide fodder for Harper's detractors, particularly going into an election year. That's the observation of Tom Flanagan, a University of Calgary professor and an expert on aboriginal issues. He explains that Martin was "defeated by Harper" and Clark "started to support the Liberals after Harper became Conservative leader." Realistically, Flanagan said, "it seems unlikely this group will have much leverage with Harper as long as he's prime minister. "It's not so simple enacting the recommendations of a group of former politicians, no matter how wise they may be." Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau "commended" those involved in seeking reconciliation and recognizing that a different approach is needed. Flanagan said regardless of approach, "there is no unified aboriginal community with whom Canada can launch a new partnership." http://www.torontosun.com/2014/09/04/joe-clark-paul-martin-join-group-hoping-to-improve-relations-with-first-nations-and-feds

June 27, 2015

CATCH 21 - short film from Luke Dillard, USA

thank you Luke Dillard, USA indie filmmaker ... check out his feature film "The Global Warming War", 2014 as well .. http://theglobalwarmingwar.com

June 21, 2015

Patrick Carlin ~ Fathers Day Wrap June 21, 2015

Patrick Carlin [big brother of the late great George Carlin] always has a great little ditty on his youtube channel, check him out.
If you're lucky you'll be raised by a great Dad and marry a man who becomes a great Dad too .. I am that lucky woman.. All the best to all the great Dads and Dads-to-be out there .. it ain't easy but its the best thing you'll ever put your heart into.. thank you .. and oh, one more thing: Patrick is an author ... just like his brother George.. [I'm just a Carlin fan.. all around]

June 18, 2015

Dr. Brad Walters Freaking on Fracking and Climate Fears

Professor Brad is a well connected propagandist [co-author/contributor of "Sustainable Sackville" an Agenda 21 town plan] .. and he exists within the comfort of his secured academic tenure of Mount Allison University .. but, he does not listen ... and he works actively to create unnecessary fear in this province .. his stubbornness, inability to communicate effectively with others, and in my personal experience, outright obnoxiousness / rudeness {recently yelling in my face during conversation at a book signing/book launch for Miles Howe of Halifax Media Co-Op in Sackville NB} is clearly reflected in his anti-industry mindset and 'divest' collectivism on campus .. he should be quiet and listen to more voices .. there are resources which can be developed here including shale gas from fracking .. Josh Fox has been exposed by Phelim McAleer as a fraudulent filmmaker .. so do yourself a favour and check out Phelim McAleer's film and youtube channel.. enough, Brad, 'of your rhetoric ... tone it down!' .. in New Brunswick Canada, will ya? I believe that everyone is equal .. not that some are more equal than others .. you embarrassed yourself by yelling at another human in a public house gathering.
Watch "FrackNation" .. thanks Phelim .. http://fracknation.com
I believe the answer is not protesting, marching, signs on your lawns and shutting down conversations ... I believe more conversations and even online internet conferences with people who live in the oilsands and work there ... and fracking farms and families ... with people in this province ... a open information exchange .. with no 'environmentalists' running interference. As for Brad, Dave Suzuki and the rest of the the 'collectivists' .. I'll be keeping an eye on your hijinx ... adios amigo.

June 4, 2015

What is communitarianism? Read ACL Books, Alaska, USA.. [how a small group screw the rest of us]

"There are many places in the world where sustainable development [SD] is still a way for locals to take back control over their local resources from outsider control. The issue other nations are making is the communitarian co-opting of the term and the communitarian guru's role in making the locals get in step with the global agenda. It's the UN's role in SD that will remove all local control over water and land usage, and of course all other human activity wil be regulated as well. The American's focus on the terms SD and LA21 [Local Agenda 21] and their ignoring the communitarian justice system that enforces it is a big mistake. " ... further ... "Communitarianism grants special privileges to the small group of local elites who call themselves "the community." Residents of the local community are not part of "the community" that controls local community sustainable economic development. Members of "the community" promote programs and legislation that put their private businesses into "partnerships" with local governments. Massive federal grant and loan funds are funneled into local businesses speaking "the Community" lingo, and you practically can't even do business in the USA anymore unless you express a commitment to sustainability, renewable energy and a green economy. Just like it was for the Germans under Hitler and the Russians under Stalin, you either join the party or become a dog licking your master's boots and eating the scraps from his table. Some types of people stand to do very well in the Communitarian economy." ~ Niki Raapana, http://nikiraapana.blogspot.com
Footnote: Ms. Naomi Klein, author/speaker {sits on board of directors - along with Bill McKibben - for 350 dot org --tied into the-not-so-grassroots-DIVESTers-movement} and a very prominent 'international change agent'aka communitarian is the very first person I ever heard talk about 'climate deniers' in a speech she gave in Totnes England's "Transition Town" a number of years ago [find it on youtube] .... using language improperly is mean-spirited, dangerous and thoughtless . . . it is also typical of manipulative people -- because it puts others on defence and immediately divides human beings .... the proper terminology is 'climate skeptic' or 'climate realist' ... so, no Naomi, the sky is not falling.. and no Naomi, the science is not settled.... anyone connected with social engineering-transition towns is suspect and definitely not for liberty ... maybe Naomi could take on a public debate with Dr. Tim Ball - Canadian climatologist/scientist - as Elizabeth May [politician] recently did ... his website is: www.drtimball.com .. and no he is not funded by oil and gas.. [which I always hear when people don't understand that Big Green is more dangerous with its agenda for control and de-industrialization of the globe].. "Consensus is invoked only in situations where the science is not solid enough." - Michael Crichton, rip
2020... not so very far away... [envelope back of energy bill from NB Power]