January 31, 2015

"2020: Our Common Destiny & The Anti-Communitarian Manifesto" from ACL Books, Alaska USA

"I want the opt-out .. you do not have my permission to include me in your plans" - Niki Raapana [on 'sustainable seattle' communitarianism, 1990s] ... " .. builder/creator of gertee [yurts], mom, grandma, blogger, researcher, journalist ... it was my honour, privilege, and pleasure to speak with this lady a while ago by telephone ... and to become acquainted and share our thoughts and experiences with 'sustainable' obediant governance in our respective locations in North America. Along with her brilliant daughter, Nordica Friedrich [ www.nord.twu.net ], the two of them have devoted an unfathomable amount of time and research on this topic to the benefit of the unsuspecting general public.. I am so very grateful that I have been able to learn more about 'communitarianism' from them and grasp the relevance and importance of this 'ism' and the founding of The Anti Communitarian League ... I plan to continue to support these two independant thinkers/publishers as much as I am able to do both financially and by online promotion of their monumental contributions ... http://www.crossroad.to/articles2/05/dialectic.htm ....... .... folks need to understand today that in reality: "Communitarianism grants special privileges to the small group of local elites who call themselves "the community." Residents of the local community are not part of "the community" that controls local community sustainable economic development. Members of "the community" promote programs and legislation that put their private businesses into "partnerships" with local governments. Massive federal grant and loan funds are funneled into local businesses speaking "the Community" lingo, and you practically can't even do business in the USA anymore unless you express a commitment to sustainability, renewable energy and a green economy. Just like it was for the Germans under Hitler and the Russians under Stalin, you either join the party or become a dog licking your master's boots and eating the scraps from his table. Some types of people stand to do very well in the communitarian economy." ~ Niki Raapana, ACL Books, Alaska USA .. co-founder with Nordica Friedrich of "The Anti Communitarian League" ... more at www.nord.twu.net/acl .... Order your e-copy today from ACL Books, a small Alaskan printing press... www.nord.twu.net/acl/about.html
"We're discussing opening up the ACL to actual membership. There will be a newsletter and perks. If it goes well, we can go back and update all the old research topic pages, add links to all my offsite articles, radio interviews, videos, and keep up with current news about communitarianism, as well as post all the reviews about our work going back ten years. The new site will have a section for contributing authors, and to me that's the most exciting prospect since we have so many people who can and will write for it! This is our original Mission Statement since 2003, on our "about" page: The Anti Communitarian League is a grassroots research organization which had its beginnings ten years ago, in Seattle, Washington. There were nine original members. including founders Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich, who created this website in 2003 to share their research on communitarianism. Today the Anti Communitarian League is not technically open for membership, nor do we organize/operate as activists or advocates. Instead we are developing ACL Books as a private, non-grant funded research institute and a small book company based out of Anchorage, Alaska. Mission Statement ... to gather verifiable evidence that will expose the worldwide communitarian agenda to an unaware public. ... to challenge the supremacy of any one party, religion, socio-economic class, or race, over another. ... to not affiliate with any established political platform; and to rebuke labels such as right-wing, left-wing, John Bircher, liberal internationalist, conservative, neo-conservative, paleoconservative, Libertarian, Republican, Democrat, new democrat, progressive democrat, green, anarchist, anarcho-syndicalist, independent, communist, socialist, communitarian, bipartisan, or any of the above. ... to be intolerant of cruelty and trickery in any form. ... to stand for economic and political freedom for all commoners, everywhere. ... to "resist with care any innovation upon its [the U.S. Constitution/Bill of Rights] principles, regardless how specious the pretexts." [based on our first President George Washington's 1796 warning of "the insidious wiles of Foreign influence."] For a further clarification on this 'communitarian agenda':- "Dialectical conflicts between people are the ones that divide us. Opposition to the emerging Communitarianan immoral injustice system is based simply on opposition to dialectical arguments. The argument we have is against dialectical arguments. Our conflict is with Amitai Etzioni and his minions who promote his ideas for fake change. Many Communitarians are loved, adored, revered, and even worshiped. The mask over the evil is so perfect, the stars of the new ideas are just so darn likable, that many people we know have decided "some" Communitarians have "good" intentions. To understand Communitarianism, we have to study its roots. "The Historical Evolution of Communitarian Thinking", the TRUE and verifiable history of the con, is just as important as "What is the Hegelian Dialectic?", the FORMULA for tricking people into picking "sides." We have a common enemy, but we're not ever supposed to see them in a crowd. Our books, as podunk and nobody as we are, are the only ones in the world that expose the whole Communitarian con. Our hardcopy books are a nightmare to get (we're still struggling to meet orders!) but the Ebooks are available now. I've also published hundreds of free articles online since 2003. Get up to speed on the actual way we're being tricked into adopting global governance. Break the cycle of dialectical arguments and see how quickly you recognize the tactics used to enslave you. The way out of the nightmare unfolding exists only outside the dialectic. The life adventure begins when we start moving in uncharted directions that come from our deepest human connections with our own Creators. The dialectic blocks our intuition and ability to think outside the box. Let's all get out of the dialectic."
-- Niki Raapana August 2014 update from Niki.... "We've penetrated the reaches of upper academia. The ACL argument against communitarianism is once again inside the curriculum of a university class. First it was NYU, then Vassar, now UAF. Maybe it will be the Alaskan students who have the courage to respond. Our "manifesto" is not some crazy conspiracy theory. It's a well researched account of the communitarian's plan to "rebuild community." We provide over 200 primary source references in 2020, and a hundred+ more in TACM. The ACL research website has over 25,000 primary source links. There's nothing like it on earth. Imagine that. It only exists because of our frank determination to show the communitarians do have opposition who include *all* the evidence about them. 2020/TACM is the raw, uncensored, "Yankee ape" version of local agenda 21. (Karl Marx called American businessmen Yankee apes; apparently our entire system of economy was a glitch in the Marxist's violent plan to rebuild the world under a benevolent dictatorship of the "community.")"

Amitai Etzioni - Hidden Guru of Globalization {Communitarianism}

Open Message to Dr Brad Walters, Mount Allison University.... 2015

You have had a good time ... you've had your say .. you've even said people need to get it through their skulls... as though you are the final authority around these parts .. you are not .. you may be a contributor and proponent of 'Sustainable Sackville' but you are just one voice as an environmentalist 'earth first' agenda 21 sustainable development 'specialist' your priorities are obvious: http://www.zoominfo.com/p/Bradley-Walters/67616962
.... but here is a voice from the common people camp... ... the conversations are complicated... but they need to take place ... .. along with the nature preservation .. we use and enjoy prosperity with our natural resource extraction .. we enjoy a good standard of living .. we are able to develop and use technology here in Canada for the development of our resources, provide jobs, stay warm, create products.. so many products, and prosper through our use of energy in Canada ... .. we like fossil fuels... we understand they are a natural resource .. we do not share your opinions ... ... hope that OUR message is clear ... because OUR voices are not being heard enough ... your current steamroller known as collectivism is drowning them out ...
... so the MAFA have [unanimously!] spoken .. we have listened .. http://www.mafa.ca/2014/12/09/mafa-passes-resolution-of-support-for-university-divestment-from-fossil-fuels/ ... but ... again, we do not agree ... and of course, the 'green' promoting 'funded NGO' EOS Eco Energy has also spoken on this as well ... https://www.facebook.com/pages/EOS-Eco-Energy/120770244601583 as well as "Divest MTA" students [spurred on by 350 dot org, USA] and ... marched .. and protested .. and banned any voices of dissent ... but again, we do not share your opinion ... many have seen the propaganda piece called "Gasland" USA .. but how many have also watched "FrackNation" ... much like many have seen Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" but never watched "The Great Global Warming Swindle" ... there needs to be balance... truth and more information .. but there is not ... there is only fear. Clearly, we have a failure to communicate ... as per the agenda of divide and conquer .. and at this point ... you have people living in fear of carbon .. fear of climate change ... just what is your occupation .. you are not a teacher .. you are an indoctrinator.. with pension and comfortable position ... still ... I do not agree with your opinions ... Environmentalism is a big machine.... many are noticing ... check out ... www.bluebeatsgreen.com ... as Leighton says.. many stand to profit from this scam.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRM7fdq0bv0 ... carbon dioxide is the staff of life .. plants eat carbon dioxide .. www.plantsneedco2.org... co2 is the airborn fertilizer of plants ... Finally... if you are so personally committed to 'getting fossil fuels out of your life' as seems to be the 'consensus' mantra... stop driving your car, stop heating your home with gas and oil, stop buying petroleum based products, stop jetsetting to Europe and other countries with your lengthy vacation time... just imagine that? Imagine life without the numerous resources we need to survive and thrive... if you dare...... OVER AND out..... {no grant money will coming my way}

January 30, 2015

HYBYCOZO ~ artist

.. http://www.hybycozo.com/ PRETTY DAMNED AMAZING WORK HUH?

Pray for Palestine .. Pray for Peace .. Pray for Liberty xx

Joan Veon's website can be found here... http://www.ninehundred.net/~jveon/ Her original site taken down ... she passed away in October 2010 ... may she rest in peace and all of those 'awake' and 'aware' individuals come to her important work ... her site was "womens group dot org" which now appears as a Thailand page [weird] ... .. her books were invaluable resources and difficult to replace .. look for them .. give it a shot ... they are.. "Prince Charles: The Sustainable Prince" and "United Nations' Global Strait Jacket" published in the USA ... Excerpted from Joan's book reads... "In 1991 April - Prince Charles hosts a key meeting aboard the royal yacht to bring together key international figures in an attempt to achieve a degree of harmony between the conflicting attitudes of Europe, the U.S. and the developing nations with regrd to the planned 1992 Rio summit.. among those invited were then senator-Al Gore, senior officials from World Bank, CEOs from Shell and BP, principal non-governmental organizations, European politicians, and the president of Brazil... according to some present, Charles also played a crucial role in preparing north and south for the acommodation in their positions, which would be needed for the Rio summit .. Agenda 21 and the Rio Summit came next .. and the implementation of the 'sustainable' mantra we now are bombarded with today.. in other words.. an orchestrated effort was made to create 'global warming' myth to justify the solution of 'sustainable development' ie. control. Synopsis of "Prince Charles the Sustainable Prince" by Joan M. Veon Paragraphs of Key Importance Introduction However, our look cannot only deal with the man, but must deal with his politics, an empowered United Nations and empowered multinational corporations. The politics of the Prince, specifically the environmental philosophy, are enshrouded in "sustainable development" which is a merger between communism and capitalism. This merger then necessitates a new form of governance through public- private partnerships. The picture is complete when one considers both the empowered United Nations (which the Royal family directs) and empowered multinational corporations (which Charles influences through the Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum. When all of these are placed into operation through public-private partnerships, all of society, as we know it, will change. We must understand each of these in order to know the "day and hour." Chapter 1 - The Rhodes Legacy Of particular interest with regard to the Milner (Kindergarten) Group was how the world would be ruled once under the British Empire. According to Quigley, "They feared the British Empire might fall into the same difficulty and destroy British idealism and British liberties by the tyranny necessary to hold on to a reluctant Empire. And any effort to hold an empire by tyranny they regarded as doomed to failure .... the Group feared that all culture and civilization would go down to destruction because of our inability to construct some kind of political unit larger than the national state, just as Greek culture and civilization in the fourth century B.C. went down to destruction because of the Greeks' inability to construct some kind of political unit larger than the city-state. This was the fear that had animated Rhodes, and it was the same fear that was driving the Milner Group to transform the British Empire into a Commonwealth of Nations and then place that system within a League of Nations" The United Nations became the successor to the League of Nations in 1945. While there are a number of major differences between the two organizations, the biggest difference was an empowered United Nations. The decisions of the League [of Nations] Council were essentially recommendations, whereas "the decisions of the [United Nations] Security Council are legally binding upon the Members of the United Nations." Chapter 3 - Philosophical Components of the Agenda (1) Public-Private Partnerships What is "public-private partnership?" Public-private partnership is just what it says it is. First, it is a business arrangement, sealed by an agreement or in some cases, a handshake. The terms of the partnership will vary, according to partners and objectives. Second, the parties in the partnership are public and private entities. Public entities refer to government -- -local, country, state, federal or global agencies. Private refers to non governmental groups such as foundations, nonprofit groups, corporations, and individuals. For example, foundations could include the Ford, the Rockefeller, or the local "good-works" foundation; nonprofits could refer to non governmental organizations like The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum, The Nature Conservancy, The Sierra Club, World Wildlife Federation, Planned Parenthood, NOW, etc.; and corporations could be any corporation from a small one to a multinational like Exxon, Johnson Wax, 3M, Black and Decker, or Giant Foods. Lastly, individuals could be any person -- such as a businessman, rancher, or dentist. A public-private partnership will always have as its goal a business-making venture that requires some form of "governance." The question is, since the players will vary in experience and wealth, who has the most power? We know from life itself that whoever has the most money has the power. For example, when a public-private partnership is comprised of governments, such as the County Department of Environmental Initiatives, the State Department of Environmental Resources; a number of private entities, like a Land Trust (foundation) and The Nature Conservancy (nonprofit); along with a corporation such as Black and Decker, the players with the most money control the partnership. In this case, it would be The Nature Conservancy, with assets of over $1B, and Black and Decker Corporation, with a capitalization of $1.6B. Representative government loses. Pubic-private partnerships were "unveiled" in June 1996 at the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements, Habitat II, held in Istanbul. In an interview I conducted with Dr. Wally N'Dow, Secretary- General of the Habitat II conference, he said, "We have got to a point where we cannot not partner with the private sector, as governments, as the civil society, as NGO's, but also as people active in international development such as the UN. That is what Istanbul tried to convey." In a follow-up interview with Dr. Noel Brown, former Director of the United Nations Environment Programme and currently Special Advisor to the Group of 77, he said of public-private partnerships, "I believe that the future of the UN will rest on effective partnering with the private sector -- with business and industry. But I also believe that the environment and the environmental community must also rethink its mission and redefine its role as we enter the phase of globalization and as we are on the threshold of the twenty-first century." While this concept may appear to be new, public-private partnerships have been used for the last twenty years in America as a method of providing financing to low-income families. HUD and its Office of Community Planning and Development has used public-private partnerships to create affordable housing since 1990. In addition, Maryland, Oregon, and Minnesota have implemented state-level public-private partnerships. It should be noted that as public-private partnerships continue to rise in the United States, our Constitution is being eroded as a result of the shift in power. It should be noted that as public-private partnerships continue to rise in the United States, our Constitution is being eroded as a result of the shift in power. The key to governance in the twenty-first century is the partnership between business, the private sector, and government. (2) Gaia - The Philosophical Shift As mentioned, the first United Nations environmental conference was held in 1972 with the second one, the United Nations Conference on the Environment and Development (UNCED), held twenty years later. UNCED, also called the "Earth Summit," was an unveiling of the philosophical shift from the Judeo-Christian world view to Gaia. The Programme of Action, called Agenda 21, is 297 pages long, and a second related document, Global Biodiversity Assessment, is over 1,100 pages long. Together these documents contain an agenda that can only be called evil, as the implementation of the action items will turn freedom into bondage and life into misery as all of what we know today will be replaced with a planned electronic society in which our only value will be to produce. This is the agenda Prince Charles is facilitating. In feudalistic times only the king and nobility owned land and had freedom. So, too, under United Nations rule, feudalistic times will return and the lights of freedom will go out. Charles has nothing to lose and the world to gain. Chapter 4 - Sustainable Development Let me provide for you my own paraphrased definition of sustainable development, which I think is simpler to understand and embraces all of their points: The world has too many people and if we do not reduce the number of people on planet Earth, they will use up all of the earth's resources so that future generations will be left without any resources. The United Nations is the best global body to monitor and manage and preserve the resources of the planet. The Philosophy of Sustainable Development Where does this concept come from? Before I went to the June 1996 UN Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II) in Istanbul, I was trying to figure out just where sustainable development came from. The number of people serving on the World Commission on Environment and Development who were Communist, Marxist or Socialist provided my first clue. In thinking about that, it occurred to me that this philosophy is not in our Constitution. I then looked in a constitution opposite of ours, the constitution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (1977). I found my answer in Chapter 2, Article 18, which states, In the interests of the present and future generations, the necessary steps are taken in the USSR to protect and make scientific, rational use of the land and its mineral and water resources, and the plant and animal kingdoms to preserve the purity of air and water, ensure reproduction of natural wealth, and improve the human environment." In the executive summary of the book Business as Partners in Development Creating Wealth for Countries, Companies and Communities, the authors write, "In most cases, the debate is no longer about extreme alternatives -- about communism versus capitalism, the free market versus state control, democracy versus dictatorship -- but about finding common good." The Result of Sustainable Development This same interconnectedness can be seen in the merging of environment, economics and social issues into one. This is another aspect of the public-private partnership concept. As the environmental ideology permeates all aspects of life, it takes on a spiritual dimension that mirrors the Gaia philosophy, which is paganism. When the three become one through partnership, they form a philosophical approach that will change representative government in America. As the precepts of the Constitution are eliminated through new (UN policy guided) legislation, the power of the Constitution is eroded and in its place are public-private partnerships, which run parallel to representative government and form the new governance for the twenty-first century. This is a new twist to the concept of world government that most people visualize, and is the key to understanding how important is the Prince of Wales and the corporations to which he is providing leadership. Chapter 5 - Public-Private Partnerships and Governance are ONE It is on the global level that a number of key concepts and philosophies come together. Charles has adopted a very radical environmental agenda that calls for a planned society, using the environment and sustainable development as the reason for the change in governance (government) and freedoms. Public-private partnerships are the modus operandi to effect this change. The definition of governance by the UNDP (Chapter 4) is that public-private partnerships and governance (government) are one. In other words, sustainable development equals governance equals public-private partnerships equals ONE (government). We will be controlled on the local from the global through public-private partnerships. Quote from James Gustave Speth: Just as important, we look forward to a growing role in supporting the involvement and participation of NGOs and civil society organizations, including private business, in forging partnerships of many types -- partnerships [public-private] that are an integral part of the web of global governance and the glue that holds our troubled world together. (emphasis added) Chapter 6 - The Empowerment of the United Nations In order to understand the power which Charles has, we must look at the increased strength of both the United Nations and transnational corporations. It is not enough to state "Charles is powerful," one must explain how he is powerful in order to understand the magnitude of the day and the hour. Not only is the Rhodes legacy complete through the United Nations, but the apex of the global governmental structure is being revealed through his actions and activities. The Global (UN) to the Local Connection Baltimore Mayor Kurt Schmoke, a Rhodes Scholar, was on the presidential delegation along with two other mayors from the United States. I asked him what his presence meant. He replied in part, "Well, what I have tried to do here is to let other members of the delegation and those from around the world know how important this conference is to mayors in the United States. We just wanted people to know how important this conference is. It is the beginning of a new era with local government officials being listened to in the development of UN documents and we see this as kind of the wave of the future." Just as local chamber of commerce chapters receive direction from the International Chamber of Commerce, so too, are mayors receiving direction from the global UN level. Chapter 6 - Multinational Corporations The following is a message from Dr. David C. Korten, president of the PDC Forum. The following are excerpts from his Internet message: On June 24, 1997, the CEOs of 10 TNCs [transnational corporations] met over lunch at the United Nations with the UN leadership and a number of senior government officials to chart a formalization of corporate involvement in the affairs of the United Nations. I attended the lunch. I found it a shattering experience for it revealed a seamless alliance between the public and private sectors aligned behind the consolidation of corporate rule over the global economy .... Chapter 7 - Fascism and the Empowerment of Corporations Many multinational and transnational corporations have assets and sales in excess of the value of most small and midsize countries. As if this power were not enough, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris is lobbying to pass the Multilateral Agreement on Investments (MAI), which would give corporations unlimited rights in any country that signs the agreement. In the words of Tony Clarke, Director of the Polaris Institute in Canada, "The MAI is designed to establish a whole new set of global rules for investments that will grant transnational corporations the unrestricted 'right' and 'freedom' to buy, sell and move their operations whenever and wherever they want around the world, unfettered by government intervention or regulation. In short the MAI seeks to empower transnational corporations .... by restrict[ing] .... what national governments can and cannot do." I think the best definition of fascism, which basically points to everything the Prince of Wales believes and is doing, is: "Fascism adheres to the 'philosopher-king' belief that only one class -- which is by birth, education or social standing -- is capable of understanding what is best for the whole community and of putting it into practice." Chapter 8 - The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum is an educational charity with close to 50 multinational corporations from the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, and several other countries on its executive directorate. The U.S. corporations who work very closely with the prince include: 3M, American Express, TRW, Coca-Cola, SmithKline Beecham, ARCO, CIGNA, DHL Worldwide Express, Levi Strauss & Company, The Perot Group, and U.S. WEST International. Additional partners are the American Chamber of Commerce, American Hotel & Motel Association, The Atlanta Project, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, The City of Charleston, the Ford Foundation, the Kellog Foundation, Eli Lilly, the New York City Housing Partnership, the Office of Ronald Reagan, the Soros Foundation, Texaco, Tufts University, Turner Broadcasting, USAID, and Warnaco, to name a few. The Forum is accountable to a board and council made up of the international CEOs and directors from the above listed principal supporters and funded by its members with programmes funded by other sponsors, international development agencies, and foundations. It works with the World Bank Group, United Nations agencies, the European Commission, Overseas Development Agencies, and a number of bilateral agencies from the UK, Japan, and North America. "The mission of the Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum (PWBLF) is to promote continuous improvement in the practice of good corporate citizenship and sustainable development internationally, as a natural part of successful business operations. It aims to work with members and partners to: Demonstrate that business has an essential and creative role to play in the prosperity of local communities as partners in development, particularly in economies in transition; Raise awareness of the value of corporate responsibility in international business practice; Encourage partnership action between business and communities as an effective means of promoting sustainable economic development." The PWBLF operates in 26 countries and concentrates on post-Communist countries and developing economies. It has held 26 high-level international meetings in 18 countries involving 5,000 corporate, government, and non governmental leaders. Chapter 9 Charles -- The Hidden Prince In an interview that Prince Charles gave on BBC's "Newsnight" program in 1994, "he expressed his devotion to his work for Britain and the Commonwealth. He said, 'so much I try to do is behind the scenes. So it is difficult for people to understand how all the things fit together.' He also asserted that there is a common theme to all his projects and insisted they will turn out to be for the long term good." Charles -- The Defender of Faith As a result of my personal study and in light of the above, I have come to believe that when the United States ratified the United Nations Charter, we and the other countries of the world who were not part of Britain's Commonwealth reverted back under British rule through the United Nations organizational structure. Therefore, the fulfillment of the Rhodes Trust is complete. King Charles III There has been much speculation with regard to when Charles will become king. I surmise that he does not need a throne, for he already has one. The environmental agenda via sustainable development, and public-private partnerships with the world's largest and strongest multinational corporations, many of which have cash flows and assets exceeding that of most countries, provide Charles his throne. It appears that he rules behind the scenes, encouraging, expanding, pushing, and strengthening the agenda of the United Nations, partnering with the World Bank and other global agencies, all of which are advancing world government, a philosophy with which he is not uncomfortable. After all, there have been many kings, popes, and world leaders who have tried to attain it. " ... looking forward to the peaceful push back and opt out ...

January 28, 2015

Living in Sackville New Brunswick Canada ... 2015 ...

living in sackville new brunswick canada... #1 .. walk softly ~ and don't join a big club// #2 .. dogs [thankfully] will never start a conversation about climate change// #3 .. you don't need to tweet ~ ever// #4 .. just because you believe something you read, heard or saw on TV doesn't make it so// #5 .. just because the 'Community' hasn't approved it doesn't make it any less important// #6 .. haterz gonna hate..// #7 .. swearing isn't inappropriate; censorship is inappropriate ..// #8 .. skype is not free ~ your privacy is the price .. [same for facebook] ... you can just say no .. // #9 .. hugs are still free, and so are smiles ..// #10 .. you are beautiful, pass it on xx// #11 .. communitarians are running the 'show', learn @ACL Books www.nord.twu.net/acl// #12 .. I agree with Elaine Dewar {"Cloak of Green"} that NGOs are PGOs [private government organizations] ..// #13 .. if you are willing to think for yourself ~ life is a never-ending learning adventure ..// #14 .. some of the greatest minds have never attended post-secondary education institutions ..// #15 .. parents are the teacher; teachers are the paid minions .. it is not a partnership// #16 .. if you never try you will never know what you could have done, without permission ..// #17 .. being peaceful is a decision made by individuals ~ in a world of violence, its still the answer ..// #18 .. group-think; group-bullying; group-shunning is the sign of a culture in decline// #19 .. you don't build community ... you exist within community .. if you catch my drift ..// #20 .. green is the new red ..// #21 .. trust your first instinct ..// #22 .. being kind is a lost artform, for some .. but its never too late to learn acceptance..// #23 .. parenting, thankfully, doesn't come with an instruction manual..// #24 .. recognize others as individuals ~ with their own unique story..// #25 .. every day you wake up .. and you hit the re-set button ..// #26 .. older men are aware of their mortality.. this is often their weakness and their strength..// #27 .. i'll look into the eyes of strangers .. its like opening a new book ..// #28 .. children will always be grateful for people who made them laugh out loud ..// #29 .. there is always time for a cup of tea with a new friend ..// #30 .. no one has power over you .. except the power you have given them..// #31 .. money isn't real, people are real ..// #32 .. sometimes people get used, money gets hoarded, truth gets suppressed.. keep those things in mind ..// #33 .. GET OUTSIDE more ..// ... meme found at "Moms Against Agenda 21" [Facebook] ...

January 26, 2015

Artivism...... things seen around town...

Anywhere.. anytime... "Artivism" is a portmanteau word combining "art" and "activism". Artivism developed in recent years while the anti-war and anti-globalization protests emerged and proliferated. In most of the cases artivists attempt to push political agendas by the means of art, but the focus on raising social, environmental and technical awareness, has increased exponentially as people have started to lose faith in politics and the current socio-economic system. Besides using traditional mediums like film and music to raise awareness or push for change, an artivist can also be involved in culture jamming, subvertising, street art, spoken word, protesting and activism. Artivist Eve Ensler has stated: ... 'This passion has all the ingredients of activism, but is charged with the wild creations of art. Artivism — where edges are pushed, imagination is freed, and a new language emerges altogether.'

January 24, 2015

Corporation Nation Radio Show #33 - Lark in Texas and Niki Raapana .. USA

The Occupy Deception..... in New Brunswick Canada

The Soros 'movement' also called the 'occupy movement' magically appeared across cities and towns and regions globally... that's not grassroots .. that's manufactured... but it was worth keeping an eye on it - if only online from a safe distance for the most part .. collectivizing people is a great tactic for communitarians and ... with 'general assemblies' and a U.N. backing from day one - one young lady spotted wearing her U.N. tshirt at the assembly - no doubt there were others ... I was mildly entertained / amused ... collectivists always seem curious to me .. and I thought since it started against 'wall street', capitalism, bankers, and materialism .. to see them netting a payout as 'activists' was simply hilarious and ironic.. in 2014 their managed media at www.nbmediacoop.org update it read: -- "Three Occupy activists settled with the city of Fredericton in December over a lawsuit the activists had filed pertaining to the dismantling of their camp at Fredericton City Hall in 2011. The out-of-court settlement package included $14,350 in damages and an apology from Mayor Brad Woodside. Julian Renaud, Dana Hartt, and Alex Davenport filed a small claims suit against the city. Mayor Woodside and the city's director of engineering and public works Murray Jamer in April 2012". [comedy]

January 16, 2015


Have found that a lot of minions talk about 'community' ... 'inclusiveness' .. 'social justice' .. 'greater good' .. yeah, they love this sort of 'enlightened speak' .. and I'm not anti-social at all or uncaring but I see the manipulations .. sure, including all is probably ideal, and sure it could be a great thing .. just as voluntaryism is a great thing [versus volunteerism being a not so great thing] ... my personal opinion [which is all I have] and experience as an activist with a profile, an independant streak, an immigrant's perspective, and a worthy cause [albeit unfunded] - for children's school health/wellness .... like the rest of the b.s. being spun out there regularly ... so, like the 'token' NB wellness campaign that popped up in 2011, by government, which would not acknowledge anti-fluoridation [ http://nomorefluoriderinsenb.blogspot.ca ] .. the 'inclusive' part comes in when you are part of the non-profits network who create 'initiatives' solely on the basis of being funded, and then in turn become networked in their 'inclusiveness' campaign ... that's right they have 'inclusive networks' just to remind you you are not included with your 'rogue cause' .. I know .. I know .. sounds whacky... and it is .. its sorta like George Orwell's doublethink, imho ... The myth of 'inclusive communities' [you'll probably read it here first] ... ONE THING IS FOR CERTAIN ... JUST LIKE THE WORD 'SUSTAINABLE' ... if you put 'inclusiveness' into your project name or grant funding application ... you will see the dollars flow .... I hope you chuckle at this lingo ... I sure do ... if you don't share in the environmentalism lingo .. you will not be included... that's a fact.. the sexy part for them is their ability to obtain nannystate grant money ...

January 15, 2015

"Invention Secrecy Act", 1951 ...


Censorship here in 'UNESCO'ville .. tsk tsk ...

Do you know what 'community builders' and 'stakeholders' are and why they feel they have the authority to lead? I do. As of 2014: "sabinedietzforsackvillemayor.wordpress.com is no longer available. The authors have deleted this site." [ interesting.... ] You may recall this candidate.... she spent some time on my doorstep [accompanied on her rounds by the outgoing Mayor Pat Estabrooks] .. http://www.sackvilletribunepost.com/News/2012-04-25/article-2964039/Dietz-vying-for-mayors-chair-in-Sackville/1 ... campaigning has got to be an educational experience.... no doubt ... so many people with so many points of view..
Flashback to May 2012... The following message was received after an attempt at commenting on a public site was left to be posted ... "Hi, I don't think you understand my "career", or anything about EOS or Energreen. But aside from that, I cannot follow your logic with conflict of interest statements like this either. Freedom is about choice, and making choices is about understanding consequences. You can only understand the consequences of your choices if you know about them. There is a huge responsibility as well that goes along with freedom to make choices. My focus has and always will be around education at all levels to make sure we continue understanding the choices we make, and their impacts. - Sabine 28 High Marsh Road Sackville NB E4L 1K2 May 8, 2012, 4:57 pm" [re: blog known as 'Sabine Dietz for Mayor 2012'] Original comment read as follows, but remained unpublished ie. censored: I don't support the 'sustainable' movement ... or green politicians ... or the movement for communitarianism ... but I am willing to always speak with people and respect your right to have an agenda that aligns with the globalism underway now... Isn't you promoting EOS solar panels in direct conflict with your career... I would almost suggest that other's like Margaret who is running for council is also in a conflict with her husband's green business pushing their sustainable choices for individuals to make-not govt. our govt. has already plunged us into enough debt... its very dark for people right now ... but nothing that cannot be corrected with a change in the priorities... back towards freedoms .. this is an excellent talk and her book is terrific as well ... I recommend paying attention to this stuff before we become completely entangled in public-private partnerships and SMARTgrowth.... thanks for listening .. I do appreciate open communication a lot." [comments were only emailed ~] While absent from the province for many many months [from early November 2012 until July 2013] .. but returning .. I began to pay attention more to the key players here and have been busy catching up .. it appears there is still much 'noise' surrounding the issues of climate change alarmism .. Michael Fox, mentioned in this attached article is named 'Citizen of the Year' in Sackville in 2013 .. and there was this telling quote by S. Dietz .... “At some point people will have to approve what their elected officials decide, or they will have to push the elected officials to do what’s needed,” said Dietz. “We can communicate and educate all we want but then we need change.”.. source: http://www.gulfofmaine.org/gomt/?p=1627 Of note: Sabine Dietz is now the President of New Brunswick's "Nature NB" an NGO .. and as well, she works with local "EOS Eco-Energy" which is a locally funded NGO featured in the "Sustainable Sackville" plan re: energy promotion/control/management/visioning for the region... As for the freedom of speech you think you are to enjoy .. think again .. In this town there are the various 'communitarian' organizations ..... ~ Open Sky Co-Operative [initiative of green party town councillor Margaret Tusz-King and her husband, and friends] ~ ACORN [Atlantic Canada Organic Regional Network] who have gone so far as to threaten me with the 'authorities' for simply asking them questions about their organization and its intentions... one question being... "Does C.S.A. [community supported agriculture] designation create a division between existing private farmers and the CSA model farmers being heavily promoted locally?" ~ Sackville Farmers Market ~ Sackville Community Garden ~ EOS-Eco-Energy ~ Community Forests International .. and, of course, there are others... and they are growing by the year ... they receive grants and funding or they would not exist.. unlike a private business who pay taxes; these organizations take money and use it to work for the 'community' ... apparently .. and there is no shortage of people with their hands out for grant money here ... I had never come across this before, its an eye-opener... and I've bothered to ask simple questions about their business and motivations and ideologies and how they operate, re: agenda 21 sustainable development... as a red flag they always get newspaper coverage and they have a lot of attention and promotion and grants/support financially .. which is curious to me ... 'communitarianism' ... I'm not a fan of that.. Have a listen to Stacey's interview [first part] and on the smartmeters [second part] ... http://www.takebackyourpower.net/news/2014/05/25/interview-smart-meters-smart-grid-whats-real-story/ To understand what a 'communitarian' organization is .. try to imagine a business idea that is funded by grants that refers to 'partnerships' and 'community' and 'helping the greater good' -whatever they decide that is from time to time.... now try to imagine low paying work [not a living wage] or even volunteers promoting and encouraging these organizations because they are part of that collective. This has nothing to do with free enterprisers, and entrepreneurs, and everything to do with centralizing control and management of resources and people .. into an organized network of serfs.. Of note: our 'green and savvy' councilwoman knows the game very well .. her 'wellness farm' has been GIVEN $20K last year and the year before, by the Cooperators .. not a loan.. but a gift .. to support the 'green' operation, sell vegetables, train wellness workers, and look after adults who are not employed.. when was the last time your enterprise/business was 'given' money? This is a network being formed of 'communitarian' endeavours ... the video promoting the network is here... 'community economic development' ... how govt partners with organizations and is rewarding those that go along with their 'change' ideology/program... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFFON6aADO0&list=LLFBCHAa0cQEhNmZsO5NwGkw .. probably the furtherest thing from entrepreneurship imaginable.. if you have a small, private business you are out of luck with this scheme.. sadly.

January 13, 2015

[ ex pharma sales rep speaks out ... ]

Little by little now North Americans are waking up to the truth about the pharmaceutical industry and the business of drugs/pharmacare...

Check out more from this knowledgeable woman at ... http://www.gwenolsen.com/

Notes from the uploader on youtube read: "Ex pharma Rep speaks out about Pharma and their real motivations and lack there of to cure , heal and care for you or your best interests. Only to cure the space in their pockets not yet filled with your cash."

This film, with Gary Null's introduction, should be enough to keep you up at night.. but... the reality is you are responsible for your health and had better wake up to the industry that wants to have at your body... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VibVIRsHnI0 ["War on Health, the FDAs Cult of Tyranny"]

January 12, 2015

United Kingdom's "The Mind Renewed" with Julian Charles and Niki Raapana

From September 2013 ~ an interview with Niki Raapana and Julian Charles of UK's "The Mind Renewed" .. Julian was an excellent host and interviewer.. he had taken the time to read Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich's book "2020: Our Common Destiny & The Anti-Communitarian Manifesto" [available thru ACL Books Alaska USA .. www.nord.twu.net]... here is the link to their interview ... http://www.themindrenewed.com/interviews/2013/327-int030 ... I enjoyed their reasoned, human, intelligent, and calm discourse and realistic questioning a lot ... and a willingness to see the 'divide and conquer' within communities today .. Today... its a forced sense of 'community' being imposed rather than a live and let .. there is a lot of social engineering and this forced notion that we need to share the same values ... I heard someone in town comment on our 'wonderful Canadian values' respecting their gathering around the Rainbow Flag ceremony [Gay Pride] in our town .. and I thought .. I don't share the values of a gay household ... they don't share mine ... I respect everyone's choices however .. but I'm not interested in 'celebrating' them publically.. that's a little over the top to me .. but I am wondering if there will be a straight, nuclear family flag raising anytime soon at the town hall? Probably not. I think the gay organizers topped themselves this past year by having their first of many town gay pride march/parades .. and in a way its all about 'gender issues' today .. god forbid we should discuss real issues like poverty, homelessness, hunger, war, and govt corruption .. climate change fear is part of the new religion called earth worship ... environmentalism is the one world religion .. the fact is, the vocal minority is the 'new normal' .. isn't it?

January 1, 2015

John Lash ... author of "Not In His Image"

[John Lamb Lash ... an American living in Spain ] ...
[ ... www.metahistory.org ] ...

December 29, 2014


A film on youtube .. for your consideration .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9900lq_m9sI [released around the time the "Occupy" movement magically sprung up ... ] Please check out Clint Richardson's work ... Utah, USA ... http://realitybloger.wordpress.com .. on youtube "CorporationNation" ... very interesting researcher .. THANKS CLINT.

December 28, 2014

The Genius of Michael Crichton ... "State of Fear" and the passing age of reason...

Michael Crichton wrote this speech as "Remarks to the Commonwealth Club" San Francisco September 2003 .. after I found -- a comment on YouTube led me to look for it, and download the PDF ... I went back to the link and it wasn't there.. weird... his website http://www.michaelcrichton.net/ ... still hugely popular following... on Facebook too https://www.facebook.com/officialcrichton A google search relocated it .. with thanks Hawaii Free Press ... http://www.hawaiifreepress.com/ArticlesMain/tabid/56/ID/2818/Crichton-Environmentalism-is-a-religion.aspx [this link is censored off youtube as well] Read his novel "State of Fear" .. its been through numerous re-printings .. he put it out there for a reason... critical thinking is not being taught in schools today and has not been for a while ... group consensus building is key ... just like consensus building in science ... the dictatorship of community as Niki Raapana so eloquently puts it spews into all facets of life today ... if you haven't read the book on education's transformation yet from Maine USA's Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt called "Deliberate Dumbing Down of America" I recommend you do .. she puts it out there ... for those with time to read ... www.deliberatedumbingdown.com .. Fear paralyses... information elevates and helps one to rise above ....